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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, or Twilight. The Volturi Princess's. Summer -Quidditch Match-A Couple Weeks Later. He didn't know what was happening, all he knew was that the bastard in the black cloak deserved to die, for attacking his mate.

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When Harry was born in 1880, he was born to magical parent, and he was born towards the end of the first wizarding world war. He was targeted by a monster, someone called Voldemort. Voldemort killed his parents, and tried to kill Harry, but the curse rebounded, leaving Voldemort weakened, and ending the first war.Harry & Ginny wanted to divorce after having their first baby, but Ginny dies in childbirth & Harry is left a single parent. Molly blames him for her death so he leaves with his daughter to Italy. He meets Caius, a king of the Volturi, & falls in love. Caius will do anything for his family, but as they return to London all new problems arise.She did not however, look to check the time for that was not the function of this particular item. The clock had 5 hands instead of 3. Each had a name on the hand and ended in a small picture of that person. The hands read Lily Potter, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.In the captivating world of vampires and ancient prophecies, Amara, a young blind woman, is unexpectedly thrown into a destiny that unveils her extraordinary powers. As she discovers her ability to connect with the powerful and enigmatic Volturi kings, Aro, Caius, and Marcus, her life takes an unexpected turn

Lately, I’ve perused articles regarding soul mates, and I couldn’t help but note how a soul mate may often Lately, I’ve perused articles regarding soul mates, and I couldn’t help b... Summary: Hermione is the Volturi Princess, ever since the three kings took her in as there own, Marcus adopted her as a daughter. This is her adventure growing up as the princess of Volturi. Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Pairing: Luna/Felix, Marcus/Jane, Hermione/Demetri/Alec. Four Weeks Later The collection of story ideas that have gotten stuck in my head over the years. With enough feedback I will likely choose from these story ideas to be used as my next project when I have finished with my current ones. There are Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Twilight, and even Harry Potter/Game of Thrones stories that will be posted here.

Immortality By: HeathenVampires. After fulfilling the prophecy, Harry realised he had sacrificed something. Death. Trapped and bitter in his eternal life, everyone he knows dead, Harry accidentally meets a stranger who understands what it means to be a reluctant immortal. One-shot.Immortal. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Twilight or the Tale of the Three Brother and the Deathly Hallows, nor do I make any profits from posting this fanfiction. Summary: Non-Epilogue compliant. Immortal Harry, his vampire mate and vampire friends Ron and Hermione catch wind of there being an immortal child in forks.

Cursing under her breath, she closed the boxes, and dumped them in her big closet, before shedding her clothes and going to take a long soak in her suite's luxurious bathtub. What she needed right now was a hot soak, and sleep. Tomorrow, she'll deal with Aro's obsession, and Caius' hatred. Tomorrow was another day. When he came to Edward, however, instead of a touch on the cheeks, he grabbed the back of Edward's neck with a firm hand and looked him straight in the eyes. Edward stared back, delirious at the feel of the man's power cocooning him. He relaxed in Harry's hold completely, coming to lean against the broad chest. Chapter 1. Harry appears in a clearing in the forbidden forest. He grips his backpack tightly and surveys his surroundings. It's quiet, too quiet, and he smirks inwardly. The musky earthy scent invades his nostrils bringing a sense of comfort to his bones. Of course, most of these laws only angered the kings. They had, however, learned the hard way that wizards and witches could kill them quicker than a newborn vampire could drain a human. The magical world, while interesting, was not to be messed with and very dangerous for any vampire. "This is new." Marcus commented.

With that his Uncle slammed the door in his face. Snape followed Potter to the local rundown neighborhood park. Snape stared in disbelief when Potter lit a cigarette and started to smoke. As Potter made his way to the farthest corner in the park, he took out his wand when he noticed a shadow following him.

Harry's POV Hearing his dominate's order, he paused half step in his walk towards the opposite side. Gently the child down, he turned to face his mates with a forced smile on his face and growled, "Until you can prove to me that you can accept those different from yourself, I don't want to speak with you until then or if I seek you out myself."

Sort by: Hot. # 1. A cutie for big and tough vampires by ncis_4ever. 488K 9.2K 22. Camilla or Camill as she likes to be called is the twin sister to no other than Bella Swan. What nearly no one knows, is how the real Bella really is like. In reality sh... Completed. witch. This story is also very AU. Harry is turned at the age of thirteen and raised by Athenodora and Caius. Kenna. Chapter One: Vacation. It had been on a Tuesday, one of the hottest days that Harry had encountered when he heard …Is there a scientific way to make yourself invisible? Will and Mango from Part-Time Genius talk about the science of invisibility. Advertisement Even if you're not the most die-har...In this last function I am charged with the investigation of all magical beings and to ensure that all laws on Magical Creatures in Europe are brought into the twenty first century. …Harry stood close between Albus and Marcus, sharing a smile with Didyme, Marcus' long-passed wife. Aro and his wife, Sulpicia, stood to Albus's left with Caius and Athenodora. Together, they starred into the night they had been painted in. The only emotion Carlisle could detect came from Harry, Marcus, and Didyme.

Curious about the Snake Diet or other fasting approaches to weight loss? Here's a look at what it is, how it works, expectations, pitfalls, and more. From Taylor Swift scandals to ...Very few people knew that Harry had disappeared to America where his beloved waited for him as well as his twin sister. *. Hadrian Evens, also known as Harry, stood with his back pack strapped to his shoulder. His long black hair was streaked with ruby red and dangled down to his waist in beautiful waves.Content Warning: This article contains discussions about, and examples of, J.K. Rowling’s transphobic, racist and otherwise bigoted remarks and writings. With over 500 million copi..."Mate." Harry nodded, relieved Vlad recognised him in some way. He'd been worried, with no real sense of what to expect, that Vlad might come back with no memories, might come back and just not be Vlad. Obviously the recognition of Harry was only one drop in the pools of Vlad's mind, but it was a start.Some things that come in groups of seven include the days of the week, the books in the Harry Potter series, the notes in a typically major or minor scale, the games in the playoff...Chapter 1: Harriet Potter was pissed, there wasn't another word that could describe the utter irritating she felt towards the Minister of Magic Kingsley and Withers, the head of the …Those damned caramel eyes. Those beautiful, ruthlessly sinful, wondrously expressive caramel eyes had led him to his doom. And of course, their razer tongued owner. The bushy haired, ivory skinned, frangipani scented goddess. He was screwed! He was so fucking screwed! He rubbed his large hands vigorously over …

The Volturi Princess. 1980 Volturi, Italy. Heidi was about to head to the 'Volturi Inn' to pick up her tour group, when she noticed a basket, along with the sound of a fast heartbeat. She looked into the basket, and found a infant, who was staring up at the ceiling above her. "Where did you come from?"

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Hellsing. I don't have money or a job, so please don't sue me! Warnings: this will be slash, as in MalexMale. Murder and torture will be a part of this story! Don't like, don't read. I eat flames. OOCness. Hello, my name is Harry James Potter. I am 16. Short for my age.Mar 12, 2020 · The three vampire kings were in Britain. They had heard a few covens had joined Voldemort's ranks. They were now making a newborn army for him. They had sent Demetri and Felix. They had reported that some of the army was meant to kill the kings so that they could take over. The kings decided to go and prove to the covens why they were kings. Some things that come in groups of seven include the days of the week, the books in the Harry Potter series, the notes in a typically major or minor scale, the games in the playoff...When morning dawned, a sore Harry was making his way to Marcus. While all three of the vampire leaders adored him, Marcus was the most understanding and protective of him. Harry believed it had something to do with the fact that Harry reminded Marcus of his dead mate Didyme. Walking to Marcus's room, Harry gently taps on the door.8 year old Harry Potter is found dying by the Volturi. Taking a chance, Aro decides to turn him and raise him with the help of his brothers. Will Harry turn out to be like all the other … "Excellent, the choice is made. I, Aro, King and ruler of the Volturi, claim the wizards, Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape as per agreement of amendment 64" Aro stated the words clearly. Severus looked to Albus in confusion, fear taking its place when the Leader of the light's face fell in despair.

Chapter 1. Long matted black hair, dull tried green eyes. Skin so pale that the veins were standing out against his skin, skin that had once been a healthy colour was now a sickly pale colour, it looked as if all of the life had been drained out of him. In some ways that was true and in others it was far worse, he couldn't die and couldn't age.

In which Caius Volturi finds his mate after centuries of thinking he would never find her, ... Fanfiction; Vampires; Soulmates; Aged-Up Character(s) Protectiveness; Enemies to Friends to Lovers; ... Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (20) Fright Night (2011) (3) The Vampire Diaries (TV) (2)

When morning dawned, a sore Harry was making his way to Marcus. While all three of the vampire leaders adored him, Marcus was the most understanding and protective of him. Harry believed it had something to do with the fact that Harry reminded Marcus of his dead mate Didyme. Walking to Marcus's room, Harry gently taps on the door. A. Hotchner/Hotch, D. Morgan, S. Reid] - Complete. A Wishful Death by JustSodium reviews. After completing his destiny in his own world, Harry Potter, now known as the Master of Death, is left to wander the dimensions. Always alone. Always craving a home. A simple if lonely existence. That is until he finds himself in a world where …Summary: A thirteen year old Harry Potter is turned and adopted by the Volturi. Unhappy with his life, Harry believes he's fated to be with the Volturi forever, until his mate …The story is about Bella coming to terms with being the mate of not one, but three men and how she heals. ... Female Harry Potter; Volturi; Crossover; Crossover Pairings; Pottercest (Harry Potter) Summary **'Harealla Targaryen-Potter-Black-Stark-Mikaelson żyła dwa razy. Obie rzeczywistości jednak różne światy. Niezmienna rzecz?- Valyria, królestwo za …Jacob put the last of his stuff into his car and sighed. He went back into the house and looked around with a shiver. It looked so empty. He moved to his room to check that he hadn't forgotten anything. He wiped his eyes and moved to the kitchen. He got two letters out of his jacket and put them on the table.Twenty years after it first appeared on shelves, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone continues to captivate, inspire, and prompt companies to start promoting Dumbledore Halloween...Please bare with me. This is my first fanfiction. Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Family - Chapters: 15 - Words: 7,128 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 20 - Published: Jul 2, 2012 - id: 8277768. + -. My name is Trixie Volturi. I was hanging on a wall. I was a two year old part vampire.Caius asked, staring down at his mate. "These babies would make eight," Draco smiled at his friend, when Harry returned with the blood-pops. He handed the mom, to be one, than did the same to her mate, and the other vampire, "Sanguini swears by these." Harry stared at his best friend, and took her hand, "Are you being …I will have her one way or another. It is inevitable." "I don't think so." Aro growled. "You must be the famous Volturi brothers. Tell me; where is the third brother?" Aro growled. After a while, the enemies left. Aro, Marcus, and Uncle Sev ran downstairs.

Aro, Marcus and Cauis stood and watched with the rest of the coven. The three ogle their mates lovely behind as he sway his hips at every step he took towards the hybrid. Harry deliberately sway his hips more than he does when he walked towards the girl with her own pack of wolves to tease his mates. Caius began to rip his clothes off and kept kissing every inch of bare skin he could feel. Harry returned the gestures, and soon they were both naked and on the floor, each rolling the other over to be on top. "Caius…". Harry used his newborn strength to flip his mate onto his back and straddled him. "My turn…". Not many are blessed with a mate, most take companions instead. Some vampires recognise each other immediately, others take time to work out their connection. Once bonded, if one should die, the other mate would die too. I am sure one of the guard can explain more later" He said as he waved Harriet away.Instagram:https://instagram. tottenham hotspur fc wikitaylor swift chicago ticketmasterthe creator showtimes near alamo drafthouse cinema stone oakwww.appleloan.citizens Simple. And then he met Henrietta "Harry" Potter, and suddenly everything is too complicated and he's falling for a human. He never wanted to be a human male until then. Set somewhere primarily prior to the Twilight series, and before The Deathly Hallows (around the beginning of Harry's summer before Horcrux Hunt). Spoilers: I don't think so. fedex ship pointcat facts text copy and paste Jane was helping me get ready. Aro, Marcus, and Caius were taking me to town. They made a reservation to a very expensive restaurant. I looked like I was eight years old. "You are a very lucky girl. They never make reservations." I smiled and looked out the window. A rainbow appeared in the sky. "Trixie's happy." vip nails covington va He stopped in front of me and Pansy, his red eyes locked on mine, then he leans in, and whispered softly, only for me to hear, "Ten long, agonizing years since I last heard from you, my sweet dragon." I whispered softly, only for him to hear, "You wouldn't dare it, I know you." He chuckled softly, and said, "Oh yes I would, my dragon, yes I would."After Sirius' death, Harry Potter was finished with being the Boy Who Lived. He was sick of the lies, the manipulations, but most of all, he was done with Albus Dumbledore. Harry was ready to take charge of his own life; unfortunately, he quickly found himself caught up in the mysterious and controlling world of the Volturi.